Earth to Red Lips, Come in!!!

No pictures today. Not because I’m a slacker but because I haven’t been taking very many! Ya see, there’s a point where every gorgeous sunset just can’t be contained in a photo. It’s something you have to see. Of course, as I’m writing this we have a freeze warning in effect and possible snow flurries. Gotta love October!

But that doesn’t mean I’ve slowed down…au contraire, mon frere!

In fact, things have gotten awesomely crazy around here! There’s the fact that I am now a radio host for a weekly morning show in town. You can now hear me and manager/super cool guy JJ on KLMX 97.5FM The Bear (click here to stream it!) and we JUST got up the AM side, 1450AM Country Crossroads; some lightning storms did some pretty good damage to really important parts but it’s all fixed and all working now. The AM is not streaming yet but JJ’s working with the radio station owner to update our song library and get that going, too! We are live on the air every weekday morning from 7a-10a MST.

Yes, yes I just plugged my own radio show. But, hey, how many radio DJ’s do you know? (Ok, someone out there is going to say something crazy like they know 45 DJ’s but still…)

The second thing keeping me going is my fitness class. This is a big reveal. Ya see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my classes and the members that come to class every week. I had to take some time off because of that silly heifer that twisted my wrist (I call it HeiferGate) and the summer time was just hard for people to commit; family time, camping time, summertime….so I took some time off. Good for them, good for me.

Well, I’m back. Better than ever. And now I’m working towards operating MY OWN FITNESS STUDIO. That’s right!!! Red Lips ‘n Cow Chips is getting her own space in town! Lemme tell ya, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. At the beginning of September I was just talking to a friend about how great it would be to have all our local instructors under one roof, how our downtown area needs more businesses operating, how great it would be to have a place where everyone could come workout together. The next day I was looking at my friend’s building that happens to be on the main street of town and a few days after that I was cleaning and renovating the building. One month later and just about everything is done with a few details left to figure out!!! I’m truly blessed to have other local instructors coming into this venture with open minds and hearts and seriously amazing landlords who are excited as I am to make something vibrant happen for our community!

The funny thing is that I’ve never dry heaved so much in my life. The excitement, the stress, the Oh-my-goodness-is-this-really-happening-what-if-they-don’t-come thoughts in my head…I worry about it for a minute and then I say “But what if they do come?”.

If you build it…

So with all that in your mind, it’s my great honor and deepest pleasure to welcome you to Hi-Lo Studio, Clayton’s premier group fitness experience! We are located at 110 Main St in Clayton, New Mexico, and offer all kinds of great classes. Check out our Facebook page for more information.  

So how’d you come up with it? What’s with the name? And why the little person for a logo?

Once upon a time, there was a young man who bought a ranch in our little slice of paradise. He painted the scenery and then wrote a few books about this area, which he nicknamed the Hi Lo Country. One of those books was turned into a movie called The Hi Lo Country and  you can watch the trailer here.  The ranch owner’s name was Max Evans and you can find his books that inspired this (and other movies) here. When I realized just how important Mr. Evans was to capturing the unique spirit of our land, I knew I had a name. The logo comes from this sculpture piece my mom found years ago. That sculpture is now in the front window display, happily reaching up and inviting everyone in for a great workout! The turquoise echoes our ranch color. Plus, I’m pretty sure turquoise is our unofficial State color (red and yellow are the official ones but, let’s be honest; we love our turquoise).

Um, Andrea? I don’t live anywhere near you.

I know! But you might be traveling through town one day and decide to stop in for a workout and a hug; you never know! Tomorrow we’re supposed to move the cattle back down to the home pasture but it’s cold but not heavy jacket cold. More like “warm sweater but not too warm and wear layers” cold. Next week we hit up our favorite event with our favorite kid for her 6th birthday: BALLOON FIESTA!!! You’ll hear from me for sure very soon.