Live from C-Town!

That photo is a first place winner. Literally!!! I took it and it won at the fair. But lemme back up a moment.

Wow, what a summer! The last time you heard from this Cow Chip, we were celebrating the 4th of July and Lady Mixx-a-Lot was in full swing. Well, I’m proud to announce that the Lady has earned some vacay from my smatterings of batter, doughs, and buttercream and we did TONS more after the 4th. So here’s a breakdown of what’s been going on for the past two-ish months.

We traveled to Albuquerque so I could earn my Concealed Carry License. That’s right, folks, Red Lips ‘n Cow Chips is legally allowed to carry a firearm! Now, don’t get all crazy and start sending me links on how guns kill. I have the license but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am always packin’. I am a firm believer in education and learned quite a few things to help elevate my awareness in gun safety. If you’re local to Albuquerque, check out this online/in-person class.

A week later we were camping! 6 days on the open road with my favorite co-pilots was so much fun. We checked out the San Isabel National Forest near Trinidad, CO (gorgeous site at Purgatoire campground and we even saw a bear!!!), stayed at the Rio Chama RV Park which sits next to the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad; if you haven’t checked out this historic railroad, you need to get there. It’s beautiful and the scenery is AMAZING. Next we spent a day at the new Angel Fire RV Resort. All I can say is the jacuzzi is wonderful, the laundry facility is a welcome sight, and the elk who travel every day nearby just make you love nature. Lastly, we spent two days with dear friends in Red River at the Roadrunner RV Park. Y’all, this is THE place to stay when you travel to Red River for the summer. Gorgeous sites, the river runs right through the park so you can get in a little trout fishing, and the owners and staff are on-site and so extremely friendly. But reserve early because they sell out quickly and often!!!

The following weekend we decided to squeeze in “one last trip” to Morphy Lake, a primitive but gorgeous little gem of a lake operated by the New Mexico State Park system. Ranger Pat even talked with us about bears and the importance of keeping our trash and food secure. The only downside is that small campers and tents are best for this place. We have a truck camper (it fits on the back of the truck) but it’s tall – we lost a satellite and vent cap on our way out. NATURALLY we had to go to the big city for replacements. And also “one more last trip” of the summer.

Here’s something y’all don’t know about me. I love this band called 311. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They’re kind of a big deal and been around for about 27 years. They celebrated the occasion with a summer tour and a new album I’m currently loving called Mosaic. Maybe you haven’t but you should totally check them out because they make my life happy. Now, Andrea, what kind of music do they play? Well, it’s a mix of rock, rap, reggae, and whatever else they decide to add. Basically, it’s my happy place and the concert in Albuquerque was FANTASTIC. It’s so good to see musicians just…be musicians! No crazy fireworks and choreography that’s been rehearsed. Just amazing music and about 1,000 people who love 311 just as much as this girl. I haven’t had that much fun in a while! My poor husband was like you, a little clueless, but he’s game for good music and staying at fancy places. I think he’s become a lifetime fan after that one concert.

Did I mention I entered the Union County Fair? Yes, friends, the country-zation of Red Lips ‘n Cow Chips is complete. Lady Mixx-a-Lot helped concoct the tastiest cake (Devil’s Food cake with a Mocha Buttercream Filling and Frosting with a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ganache on top, thankyouverymuch), my happy little camera got some great pictures from our camping trip and my mom gave me the best tutorial on flower arrangements. And they each won a first place for their category! Not only that, I got 3rd in the Photography Class. So honored, so humbled, so excited for next year! Seriously, go to your local fair and enjoy and participate and CHEER those kids in the ring. The dedication they have to those animals is unreal.

Lastly, I decided to do something I didn’t think I could do…I became a DJ for our local radio station. Because why not? Ya know how some people say to do one thing every day that scares them? Well, I did. And I got the job. And now I’m on streaming every Monday through Friday from 7am to 10am MST. Yep, I just threw that out there!

*Oh, sidenote: remember how much we loved Taco the Cat and thought what a great guy he was? So cuddly and sweet and a total gentleman? Turns out Taco is female and just had 5 kittens. So, there’s that, too. We’ve also gotten about 7-8 inches of moisture in the past 2 weeks. Our norm is 14″ FOR THE YEAR. There’s some pretty cool photos I took yesterday of the creek running and valleys completely filled with rain. YAY FOR MONSOONS!!!

The highs have literally been no more than 86F this summer. For a girl who loves the cool, fall air, I’m in heaven right now.

Here’s some pics of what we’ve been up to, including some of the photos I entered in the County Fair. Have an awesome day! We’ve got a big celebration coming up and my baby is going to Kindergarten. I still haven’t decided: box of Kleenex or mimosas? It could go either way.