January Recap – already?

That made me laugh. No bull!

January’s over. I mean, really. What happened there? That was quick! We got a few snowy days and next thing I know, it’s 10 days from Valentine’s Day! But don’t you worry. I got my Lips and my Sips stocked up just in case we got a whopper of a storm (we haven’t yet but I hear March is the worst time for blizzards). PS – The Edna Valley Pinot. Glitter makes everything better right? Well, we used it to celebrate my mom’s retirement. Happy Retirement, Mom! She’s also got a “Celebrate” Gift Box of Brut Champagne waiting for her. I mean, if I’m gonna gift wine, it better be the good stuff. And if you’re gonna get some for Valentine’s Day, order here by February 6 to get it in time.

Anyway, here’s a recap of my #ranchlife.

Well, I forgot to post this cute pic of me and my adorable husband at New Year’s Eve in Clayton. I couldn’t help but just look at this pic and think “Oh my goodness, he’s a cutie!” Channeling my inner Beyonce, I liked it so I put a ring on it. And by the way, we’ve been married 11 years now. How awesome is that? (And you know I have to bring it up…that lip color is on FIRE! I had it on about 5:30pm and didn’t take it off until well after midnight; if you can see the clock behind us, it’s 12:07am at the time of this pic.)

Earlier this week, we voted. Our school system is replacing two members on the school board and it’s a pretty close race from those I’ve talked with; I love that there are so many parents and teachers involved in their kid’s educational well being. Seeing how I’ll be one of those parents soon enough, I appreciate all the candidates and cast my vote for the people I think will do the best job representing our school’s needs.

Ok, now to the really crazy news. We have new tenants on the ranch. Well, one was here but it’s just recently that we realized that it was male. Lemme explain:

When we replaced the hens from the Summer Sadness that happened in their old coop, I let the salesperson at Tractor Supply pick out the chicks. They have this magical time of the year for Crazy Cluck Lovers like me who want chicks for cuteness, bug control, and a sustainable food source. It’s called Chick Days and it’s more important to me than Girl Scout Cookies. Just kidding, I love those dang cookies and need someone to ship them to me ASAP. I was almost going to go in and just separate the little fluffy butts I wanted but it seemed rude so I said, sure, go ahead and grab a few. We ended up with 4 hens, 1 Cornish Cross (which you read earlier is now in freezer camp), and 1 ROOSTER.

Y’all. I have my crowing, crooning fool singing the song of his people again! He’s not very loud yet having only started crowing last week but I love having a rooster around! Oh! And one of the younger hens has started producing eggs. And possibly Laura, who doesn’t realize she’s retired, is also occasionally dropping breakfast bombs again. So not only do I get 2-3 eggs a day but I’ve also got a rooster to name! In pure Red Lips ‘n Cow Chips style, I asked my awesome friends on Facebook to help name this little guy. He’s a barred rock and has the air of the cool guy on the football team that doesn’t go to parties, he IS the party. The winner was – hands down – Chris S.’s suggestion of Cluck Norris. Thanks, Chris!

Now, the other tenants we gotta talk about. We had to go to a sale and bid on them after looking and watching them for a few hours near a ranch in the even smaller town of Logan, NM. We were supposed to “just look”. That’s always a bad idea because “just looking” shouldn’t include hooking up the trailer and bringing the checkbook. But yet….there we were. Just looking with a trailer and a checkbook and a bidding number. These guys have papers and genetic lineage that should give us a great calving season in the fall. Please welcome our two new Powerline Genetics Bulls! Yes, ladies, and gentlemen, I have finally realized the dream of having bulls. I was ready to call them Sprinkles and Twinkles but decided that since they aren’t rodeo bulls, I should save those names just in case I need them in the future. However, our friend Kalyn G., who literally is cooler than ice on a hot summer’s day suggested Bert and Ernie. It stuck. Thanks, Kalyn!