Zin It to Win It

Um, what? What the haystack does that even mean?

Lemme explain. I love a good deal. I also love lips that don’t smudge on my wine glass. That’s why I sell and wear LipSense. If you have been following my blog, you know these things! You know what else I love? Wine. I admit it, I love a good wine. I’ll take a beer, sure, but good grief – I get bloated and I know that 2 beers will make me gain 2 pounds. I probably have some kind of intolerance to wheat or something but there’s only so much I’ll do about it.

You know what doesn’t make me bloat? Wine.

So when my friend Becky told me about viaOneHope wines, under the direction of a Mondavi, I’m saying “Let’s get this party started!” Then she tells me that each bottle has a cause and I’m thinking “Wait. Not only do I get a good buzz on good wine but I also get to support education, pet adoptions, cancer screenings, even feeding families??? Done. Lemme order.”

The last two posts, I’ve mentioned this great opportunity to be a force of good in the world. Obviously, I’m obsessed. Maybe even more obsessed than my obsession with adding animals to this zoo. (Please don’t tell the chickens). Check out just what kind of impact this company made last year by clicking here.

Me being a lover of deals and wine and getting said deals delivered to my door while simultaneously keeping the UPS, FedEx, and USPS man in business, I decided to join the cause and I’m having an on-line party. First, double check that your state allows us to sell. I know some are coming VERY soon, but some just won’t allow us to sell just yet. That hurts my soul because you really are missing out and I hate to rub it in, but as soon as they do, I’ll let you know. Again, obsessed with getting the world buzzed on goodwill.

Becky just got a RED GLITTER BOTTLE (glitter, people!) that also supports a family’s risk of heart disease. Love a dry white? Try the Pinot Grigio. Maybe buttery white is more your style? There’s a Chardonnay just for you! Want a middle line Rose? We have it! Maybe you’re into Mimosas for Brunch….you need a quality Brut for that. Or maybe you just need a nice gift for a co-worker or tomorrow’s dinner party? Boom. We have gift options. Heck, you can’t decide but you know your stock is low – get a 1/2 case or full case and you’re ready for the next winter storm! Plus, while I have a party open, those 1/2 and full cases are at a discount. Told ya, I love a good deal.

So check out this link to my party, shop around, and definitely check out the party exclusives. It’s a great deal! Obviously, you need to be 21 and over to order and make sure you can receive orders in your state! I’ve included the map…if you’re not on there now, don’t fret. There’s a whole compliance company that works with states to make viaOneHope accessible.





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