I got the Fit Bug!

I don’t have bugs, calm down. Well, Corona had fleas and ticks but I think we’ve got that handled. I can’t stand bugs that bite. Plus, gross. A good bath, spraying the house just in case, a flea and tick collar, and ***gag alert*** me sitting there picking the darn things off of her and she’s a happy little thing! Poor Nacho isn’t taking this too well, though. He had to get a bath and collar, too. The worst part for him is not only does he have this cute fluff ball following him EVERYWHERE, now he has to sleep outside in the dog house. Oh the horror!!! But seriously, we aren’t in the city and they have a giant Igloo house to share. Unfortunately, Nacho is a city dog. He doesn’t understand this “sleeping outside” thing. So he rebels by sleeping on one of the chairs. Never mind that the new dog house is cozy and warm and his old blanket and bed are in there. Oh no. Can’t do it if “that other dog” is in there. Mind you, she’s all of 10 pounds but my dog is stubborn. I don’t know where he gets that from.

So back to the title of this blog post: I got the Fit Bug! Ya see, when we moved 4 months ago (dang, it’s already that long?!) I loved my job as a fitness instructor. I was teaching an average of 6 classes a week and enjoyed every single one. Even the one time I had to teach at 5:45am, I walked out with a smile on my face. Not so much walk in with a smile because I don’t smile before coffee, but definitely walked out to a gorgeous New Mexico sunrise and a lot of sweat and I knew I was done for the day. It’s like that t-shirt says: I workout before my brain knows what’s happening.

I quit the waking up early thing long ago but I still love to get in a good workout. Plus, I miss teaching. There’s something so amazing about seeing people transform and change in front of your eyes. One day they walk in and you stop and stare and can’t stop complimenting them on their hard work. You know they did the work, you can’t help but be proud! Instead of whining about how I wasn’t teaching, how I wasn’t motivating anyone, I decided to take a note from my class participants of yore and contacted the local gym owner, John. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but guess what? I have classes!!!! I’m motivating and coaching and loving every minute of it. If you’re around Clayton, NM sometime, come to our PiYo Live classes on Wednesdays or try out the P90X Live class on Mondays at the Clayton Health Club. That’s right: shameless plug. Come to class!

Now, I have to say that just about everything is right in my world at this point except the cardio. P90X has cardio and, depending on how hard you go or how hot the classroom is, PiYo can make your heart beat like a drum at Carnaval.

Enter my newest beauty, my Sunny indoor bike! I think I might have to start posting my playlists somewhere because this is what makes me smile big. I LOVE indoor cycling! I know what you’re saying: Andrea. Seriously? Why bike indoors when you can bike outside? It’s not like you don’t have miles of road. That’s what my hubby said anyway. But here’s the thing. I got started in all this fitness stuff by dancing. Zumba, specifically. While I don’t teach Zumba anymore, I do love to workout to a rhythm (I’m an opera singer, remember? Musicians like rhythm and tempo).

So using an indoor bike means 2 things. 1. I can get my workout on to music 2. I don’t have to risk a flat/snake encounter/getting lost/falling down and having to limp back home. Don’t get me wrong, I am working towards going outside and maybe even a duathlon because I hate swimming and the local pool is shut down indefinitely, but until I can do it without music, I’m using my bike.

Ah, what the heck…follow me on Spotify and I’ll post some playlists and profiles every now and then on this blog. You’ve been warned.:)


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