A week (or two or three) in Pictures

If you’re an avid reader – and who isn’t? – of my blog, you might have noticed that in the previous post I mentioned something about camping. Then I didn’t show you pictures! Well, I was so excited about the rain from the past couple of weeks that I kinda forgot. Sorry about that. I did have to bust out the mower again and that’s always fun. I get to jam out and sing my terrible efforts in Spanish and French and whatever whilst trying to dance in my seat and not hit anything. We have 2 1/2 fenced acres, it could happen.

In an effort to keep the rabid fans from beating down the cattle guard, I will make this post mostly pictures from the past few weeks. Camping with our family friends, the Montaños, near Vado lake, driving through small towns like Folsom and getting lost trying to find Folsom Falls (we found the falls – it’s now closed to the public), overlooking Johnson Mesa on the way to Raton, the big lake at Sugarite Canyon plus our camper at the small pond at Cimarron Canyon. We even took a daytrip to Red River and I took a photo of the precise moment I realized I might have a fear of heights. We also added another animal to the zoo AKA the ranch AKA home.  I’ve got a whole Mexican Fiesta of Food happening…Nacho the dog, Taco the cat, and now we finish it off with a Corona. That’s right. Corona the border/heeler puppy. She’s sweet and cute and loves her belly to be rubbed. She tried to herd the chickens this morning, though – we’re working on that.

Anywho, enjoy all the pictures of Northern New Mexico and our adventures! If you ask, I might be able to tell you which is which but don’t hold me to it. I just smile, snap, and ride shotgun.






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