The One Month Recap

Y’all…it’s been a month out on the ranch. Seriously, 4 weeks of craziness and whirlwind lifestyle changes and we’re still alive! I feel like that deserves a celebration on its own! I can’t believe how fast time has marched on. I thought it was supposed to slow down? Nope, not at all. Well, here’s the recap of our first month on the ranch.

We’ve almost moved in! JK, we have another 20 foot container to store all our crap, I mean treasures. Like this guitar that I’ve had since I was 14 and never learned to play. It goes with the violin I had serviced and never played.

My mother-in-law’s house is done. Woo hoo!!! It’s really nice and looks nothing like what you’d expect a mobile home to look like. If you want to see a sample of what she has, here’s a clip from the builder. One last inspection and she’ll be sending out greeting cards to friends. And if you buy that home, tell them I sent you. I get some kind of bonus or something.

I added more moves to the Cow Chips Workout. Need more shoulder and core work? Feel free to move dirt! In order to get the new house on a foundation, we had to move a lot of soil. Like a lot. So now that soil is just sitting there, being all rich and perfect. The stuff you pay $10 a bag for? It’s here in a giant mound just waiting to be used. We found ways to use it. Want more cardio but can’t fit in a long run? Just run from the workshop to the pens to the house. It’s a triangle of about 50 yards at each point. Continue that all day and you’ll rack up at least a mile.

*SHAMELESS PROMOTION ALERT* By the way, I LOVE Bondi Bands. They are amazing sweat keepers in the gym and even better in the humid, country air. You can get 10% off (and I get a teeny, tiny commission) by using promo code COWCHIPS at

There’s a stock tank (aka the watering hole) for the cattle that needed some soil. After rainy weather, there’s a lot of mud. Cows don’t mind mud but mud breeds flies and gets in their hooves and makes it just difficult to get to the water. So we put some soil around there with a dump trailer and a backhoe. Then spread it all around with shovels. Super fun. And just to make sure the workout was complete, we have two pens that were once used for hogs and first time momma cows. They needed dirt…about 4-6 inches of it. So we backed in the dump trailer and, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, spread it around and then I spent a good deal of time stomping on the ground to compact the soil. That was my stairs workout. Trust me, after 9 hours of shoveling and stomping in boots, it really feels like stairs.

My husband and I weren’t alone in our endeavors this weekend, though. THANK GOODNESS!!! Another amazing family friend from Denver came by and helped us do all kinds of manual labor, including the shoveling. Did I mention he’s a part of the team that’s going to get the next space telescope up and running in space? Pretty cool if you ask me.

You know I couldn’t let a post go by without mentioning the girls. The chickens, silly! As of about 2 hours ago, we finished up their new coop. I like to think of it as a mansion because it’s literally way too big for just 8 crazy cluckers. The young ones are starting to go through puberty, FYI. How do I know? Well, it’s not like they get more hormonal or anything. They just start to try out their “big hen” voices and practice clucking. By the way, they all have names now. There’s Big Momma Lou, Rosa, Darla, Susana M, Miss Laura, Hannah, Hailey, and Harper. There’s a story behind all of them but that’s a future blog. Along with pictures of them in the new coop. I like to call it Fort Clucks (like Fort Knox but for chickens).

We found out that there is a small herd of elk close by! Why is that exciting? Well, elk were abundant a long time ago and just kinda disappeared, along with a lot of other species of animals, during the drought. Their return means that things are cycling back into better conditions. That’s a good thing, considering we just got here.

We voted. I won’t make this a political blog because I don’t want to. Plain and simple, I voted for the person I think will do a better job. But we did vote and wore our stickers proudly. She might be too young to vote, but it’s a part of the democratic process that we believe our child should know early on. Kinda like the ABC’s but a little more serious. All she knows is they had lollipops and stickers. Win win, I think.

We built a driveway. Remember all that mud I was just talking about? Well, you don’t want to track it into your house, eithe. So, Clay and I spread out crushed gravel to make a driveway and walkway. Once the native grasses grow back, it will be helpful, but until then…take your shoes off! That also involved shoveling and raking to level spots. It’s very zen, which counts as a mindful, yoga move in the Cow Chips Workout.

My daughter got to ride a horse with her new friend. She LOVED it! We will hopefully have a few on the ranch this weekend. It’s a long story but a neighbor lets us borrow horses in the summer. Just go with it. 🙂 Anyway, they’ll be here and Lily and I can’t wait to learn to ride for real! The green horse (the 4-wheeler) is awesome but to actually ride a horse on purpose and not fall off – that’s gonna be a great blog. Did I mention I have a small anxiety/fear of heights?

We also visited Trinidad, CO. Did you know that our local Walmart is approximately an hour away? Use Amazon or Wally World online, you say. Do you realize how much harder it is to justify online shopping when you know the delivery guy has to drive this far? Anyway, we stopped in for lunch downtown at Bella Luna Pizzeria, had some homemade fudge creations and enjoyed “fly” art at Tee’s Me Treat Me, and met a Clayton-ite at her boutique store on the corner! Her name is Cody and she’s really nice and has a great selection of women’s clothes and even a small section for girls. Too bad I’m a spazz and can’t remember the name of the store. Suit Your Taste Corner Boutique, I think it was? Oh, and we went grocery shopping at Safeway because Walmart was too complicated to get into. That’s a town we are definitely going to explore again!





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