The Red Lips Guide to Cow Chips Workouts

This past weekend, my husband and I had to fill some dirt into a pen. If that first sentence made you glaze over, just skip down to the pictures. They’re pretty funny. If you like backstories, read on. Oh, by the way, the gorgeous cover photo is a wine bottle my friend, Becky, makes. Obviously you can’t see the hand painted flowers on it at night but it’s gorgeous and we love it. You can find her work and some really great deals on upscale resale at My Rich Sister’s Closet in the Mesilla Plaza.

When you receive or send off cattle onto a truck, need to doctor a sick cow, or if it’s branding day, the pens are the most important piece of equipment to a rancher. This is where the action happens. Along with the pens, most ranchers include a water trough of some sort so that cattle going on or off the land have a chance to drink before they leave or when they come on. They have a long journey wherever they’re headed and who doesn’t like a glass of cold water in the heat? Our pen has a big watering well but it sprung a leak underground. After searching high and low, we found the part to replace it. Believe it or not, the big box stores didn’t have it. It was a local place in Dalhart, Texas that had the exact part we needed. Local is where it’s at, folks.

Replacing the part (officially a compression coupling but let’s be honest – I have no clue what that means) was easy enough, it was the replacing the dirt that’s a pain. Lucky me, I’ve been missing my regular gym workouts. I haven’t gained any weight but I have noticed my muscle tone is slowly turning into muffin top. The beer and those fresh tortillas probably don’t help but let’s not split hairs here. Excuses aside, I decided it was time to get in a quick workout.

I present to you the

Red Lips Guide to Cow Chips Workouts.

Step 1: Find a lot of dirt that needs to be moved into a hole. Preferably find it in on a day that is humid, cloudless, and light winds to double the effects of sweating in a gym.

Step 2: Shovel some of that dirt into a giant hole, making sure to keep knees soft, using the core to lift mound after mound of dirt into its new location.

Step 3: When it starts feeling bad in your back, engage your core more to stand up, throw down the shovel, and proceed to jump into the hole you’re filling to start the cardio session.

Step 4: Use your feet and power in your legs to pack dirt underneath a giant rubber tire/watering hole. The constant motion will remind you of a cycle class you loved and hated simultaneously. Continue until you need more dirt, in which case, repeat Steps 2 and 3 while your dear husband also uses the front loader to give more dirt you will eventually pack. He will also laugh uncontrollably at your efforts while taking pictures. Dig deep and remember your goals!

Cardio Sesh

Step 5: Feeling the burn? No need to continue in a cycle motion! Switch it up with mountain climbers. The incline will also train your upper body and core. Don’t you love this workout? I know I do!!!

Mountain Climbers

Step 6: Or perhaps you feel the need to isolate your arm work. Tricep push-ups are also an integral part of full body workouts. Push through and stay strong – you’ve got this!


Step 7: As the dirt is finally starting to be moved into place, allow the front loader to do most of the leveling. Assist with some tap dancing along the edge of the tire. If you’re in the mood, stomping your feet like *that crazy girl* in class is also acceptable.

Step 8: You. Are. Done. Congrats on a fine job of moving soil! Now, go take a shower!



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