Week 3 Recap

Wow, that was quick. I literally have been trying to find the time to write this blog post all week. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and I finally am sitting down and blogging again! Phew!

It’s not that we were so crazy busy that I couldn’t but we were so crazy busy that when 6pm came around, I was done. So much happened on this little corner of the world. By the way, I’ve never truly understood that phrase, corner of the world. We live on a sphere.

Anyway, this week was chock full of adventure. Our amazing family friends came in to help do some construction work for my mother-in-law. They got to play with big machines and it was cool, cloudy, and sprinkly most of the time they were here, so no one got a bad sunburn. I got to wear sweaters and rain boots and, funny enough, it makes me happy. Moisture is always a good thing in these parts.

One really fun thing we did inside was learn how to make tortillas. I remember my grandma making some of the most amazing tortillas when I was a kid. I never could get it quite right and eventually just opted to buy them out of convenience. But I saw this Masa Preparada at the store and just *had* to have fresh tortillas. Lemme tell ya: They didn’t have masa preparada when I was a kid. My grandma did it with lard and the original masa and it took a while. I could never get it right so my tortillas were either cakes or grease balls. Don’t believe me? Ask your mom or aunt or abuela about tortilla making. Rumor has it this new prepared stuff is fairly new, about 10 years old or so. It might be older but I freaking love it. Just add water, knead, let it sit for 5 minutes, roll those bad boys out, and you are set! The best part was watching my little one learn how to make tortillas. Maybe I’ll use that as a chore when she’s older. Internet Time = Tortillas.

We also took some time out of digging holes and such to go hunting for…well, I won’t tell ya. Let’s just say there are some animals that shouldn’t hang out in pastures. Their homes can injure cattle and horses and destroys the natural grasslands. They aren’t endangered or anything but they are a nuisance. At the same time, we found out that my .22 Rifle needs a new scope and I haven’t lost touch with my shooting abilities. In high school, I was the State Champion in Rifle Shooting. I even went to the Junior Olympics, no joke. But a broken scope didn’t help at all and I didn’t think to bring a screwdriver with me to detach the darn thing, so I kept shooting low. It was nice to hang out, though.

I’ll keep this part brief because I know you’re sick of hearing about them but did I tell you I have 5 hens? That makes 8 total (5 new hens and 3 chicks). We get about 1 egg a day and they are DELICIOUS. If you eat eggs, buy them locally – as in from your friend who has some chickens in their backyard. We also received bulls. They are currently with the cows and heifers (there is a difference!) trying to “make their move”. I swear some of the ladies are singing “No” by Meghan Trainor to these guys. I sing it to them and add in the choreography, then they look at me like I’m outta my damn mind. It’s pretty hilarious, really. My husband says my Cattle Commentary is the stuff of legends.

When everyone left, we took a much needed family day trip to somewhere off the GPS grid. About an hour away on a paved road, passing old schoolhouses and lots of ranches is Mills Canyon. No cell service, no internet, not much of anything except pretty views and a few other visitors. It’s about 20 miles outside a tiny town called Roy. We visited on Memorial Day thinking it might have a few more visitors than normal. I guess it did – including us, I think there were a total of 8-10 visitors to the canyon. On top of the mesa, you can use the horse stalls and campgrounds. Or you can take a vehicle with 4-wheel drive and explore the canyon and go fishing, hiking, mountain biking, or just laze around like we did. Of course, we did it in style with a selection of cheeses, veggies, grapes, and wine. That’s right.  I daytrip in style with a nosh plate and good wine. St. Clair Cabernet Sauvignon to be exact. Their wine, especially the DH Lescombes selection, has to be some of my favorite local wines. I’m a dry wine kinda girl, just in case you were wondering.

We took in some peaceful time and pretended to fish until it started getting cloudy. You never know what will happen with thunderstorms, so we thought it better to head home. Mills Canyon was once a huge ranch until it got washed out, so better to NOT repeat history. Good thing we did! Later that night, this same system made its way to the ranch and surrounding areas. We had the most amazing light show all night long. We picked up quite a bit of rain and, of course, I was worried about my chickens. They’re fine: I know you were worried, too. The crazy part? This is June 1. I’m in rain boots and sweaters. And I love it.

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