Week 2 Recap

Que cute! First pic is Lily when she fell asleep on Dad in the 410D. I guess it’s comforting enough.

Second top pic is a bug. I don’t know what it is, but it obviously gets good reception.

Last pic is of the girls in the coop. 8 of them!!! I need a bigger coop.


Wow, it’s almost the end of week 2. Seriously? I mean, where did the time go? It’s been 13 days as of today and I have learned so much and gained so much more patience than I thought was capable. So here is a recap of the week AKA Things I Love:

  1. I lifted salt blocks. I don’t love them, necessarily, but the cattle did. That counts, right? Those little buggers are 50 pounds each. We had 6 of them. I had to unload them off the back of the truck, loaded 3 of them onto the flatbed and into our storage container and the other 3 went by the watering hole. The cattle were very happy to see me that day. Nothing like a good, clean salt lick! The whole point of all that moving was that I needed to lift something. I might not be teaching a fitness class but I need to know that I’ve still “got it”. Guess what? I still got it.
  2. I’m not as squeamish as I thought. Big beetle the size of my thumb? Cool. Chicken poop all over my shoes? Awesome. Cattle poo on my jeans because a certain little girl needed to be picked up? Just a part of life. Just a lot of poo out here. Then again, I haven’t had to help birth a calf yet. That squeamish thing might just be a fluke.
  3. I love my lip balm. Remember when I was procrastinating and didn’t want to pack so I made some lip balm instead? Well, thank goodness I did because that stuff is coming in handy. The weather up here is gorgeous – perfect sunsets, rolling clouds, breezy/windy conditions most days. But all that wind and sun and dry air can really rob a girl’s moisture. When I’m not rocking my LipSense (I am always rocking that, FYI), I’m using that lip balm. Usually it’s right before bed. A little dab and I’m good to go! Plus, I made it so I know what’s in it and can make more. Want the recipe? It’s crazy easy. I used my doTerra Peppermint Oil in mine to give it a little zing and also used a bit more beeswax so it doesn’t melt as easy in the hot summer sun. I bet orange, lavender, lemon, or ylang ylang would be nice, too! Click here for the recipe or Click here to order your doTerra Essential Oils.
  4. I love chickens. Like seriously love having chickens. I started off with the 3 we brought up with us. Then our amazing friends came up to help install stuff for my mother-in-law’s house and brought up 5 older hens. I currently have 8 chickens total and 2 eggs. I’m obsessed with improving their living conditions and making another coop for the guinea keets that will show up after the 4th of July. Yes, guinea keets are coming! It’s still too cold according to the breeder in our area. And how can I argue? Yesterday was high 80’s, today is low 70’s, and there’s a chance of moisture till next weekend. As I finish this entry, the wind is blowing in the tail end of a storm…we might get rain today!
  5. If you’re in Las Cruces, the amazing people at Horse ‘n Hound Feed and Supply are amazing. I wanted to get their Chick Days emails but deleted them all a while ago. Rachel not only sent me the blog link but she also is an incredible graphic designer. Check out the Chick Days blog here and check out Rachel’s work here. I need to go work on the ramp for my coop. There’s already plans there!
  6. I love small town living! Seriously, a tight knit community is amazing. We’ve been able to get things done so quickly. And it’s literally done with a smile, a handshake, a hug. Love it.
  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this because it almost doesn’t make sense to me (especially since my last post featured my favorite mug) but….I’m learning to love the mornings. I’ll let that settle in for a bit.

Till next time!


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