Week One.

Wow, we survived!!! It’s been one week on the ranch and already some new experiences to share.

  1. I am waking up early. Like 6:12am early. That’s not news to most people but I am not a morning person. It’s not that I hate mornings, I just love my bed a little more. Even my BFF got me a coffee mug with Grumpy on one side and the other side reads “I hate mornings”. She gets me. The funny thing is, not only am I waking up early, I wake up with a smile. Literally, I wake up smiling! That’s a big deal for this city girl.
  2. The chickens are thriving. They know me, they know my voice, they get all excited when I let them out of their temporary home. By the way, it’s a cardboard garment box that we cut back and then added wire mesh on top. And the garment box’s hanging bar is a perfect roost. Add water, food, and pine shavings, and these girls are happy! We’ve got the whole shebang in the office so they get to practice “free ranging” for about an hour at a time while I blog and/or clean out their home. At least we think they’re girls….no one’s crowing yet. They’re about 7 weeks old and definitely getting their personalities. A huge thanks to the folks at Horse N Hound Feed and Supply in Las Cruces for their weekly email updates! You can check out their blog here. We didn’t think we would have chicks this early but their weekly updates have been invaluable!
  3. We have too much crap. Seriously, the house is stuffed with all we need and then some. We aren’t done packing. WTF???? I feel like a hoarder. We also have about half a container full of stuff neatly stacked on shelves so we can look through it later, and we are also talking about getting another one to move the tack supplies (aka horse gear) into so nothing is crowded. My husband was genius in not just stuffing it all in – one can actually walk in, unpack what’s necessary, and still have room to move. I would have thrown it all in and prayed it didn’t bust at the seams. At least with his plan, I can easily find things. Smart man. And cute, too!
  4. I love the sun. It finally came out yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Today has been breezy and beautiful, and we’ve put in some good work. The birds are happy, too, so I get to hear them singing and flying and chasing little bugs. My husband even caught a couple of horny toads. My daughter made him release them – they needed to go home to their families. That one is destined to be a vet. I hope so because then she can help doctor the cattle. Apparently, you doctor cattle.
  5. The days never go as planned. Neither does counting cattle. Yesterday, my husband had about a million people needing input as he’s finishing up the work on my mother-in-law’s house (it’s almost done and it’s gorgeous!!!) when the water stopped flowing. So that was about a 2 hour delay. Then we went to count the cattle. It’s something we do often. First, you should know that all your cattle are there. If there’s a stray or sick one, they need to get help ASAP so that you don’t have a loss. Losses for any agricultural business is bad stuff. So, we check on the cattle, make sure there’s ample food (grass), water, and that the moms are nursing their babies. We came up 2 short…and counted 5 times. The funny thing is two of them were calves and the grass is high. They were so far into little cow dreamland that we had to go looking for them! But everyone was there, all were safe and happy, and they are just doing their cow thing. My daughter loves seeing them walk by the house. You can tell the calves are trying to figure out how to get across the cattle guard. Let’s hope she doesn’t help them. 😉
  6. It’s easier to lose weight when you can’t get to PicQuik or another gas station. So far, it’s been 1 week and I’m down 4 pounds. Granted, that 4 was put on by stress and fast food eating the last few weeks we were in Las Cruces, but wow. *Update: it’s 5:45am and now it’s 6 pounds. It might be the scale, it might be the dehydration, but whatever it is, it counts!
  7. I appreciate those hard workouts even more. When I was teaching fitness classes long ago (like 3 weeks ago), there were some classes that left me so sore that I could barely lift an arm the next day or two. Challenging myself and the class to pick up heavier weights wasn’t just because we needed to show off – it was because apparently I was prepping all of us for the labor entailed in ranch work. It feels good to put all that gym work to use.
  8. It’s all gonna work itself out. That’s my mantra now. I’m feeling exhausted, stressed, overworked, underpaid (aren’t we all?), and it always seems like there’s one more thing that has to be done before we can do the other thing that seems to be more important. But guess what? It’s all gonna work itself out. Besides, I have pretty lip colors – my go-to lately is Caramel Apple with Rose Gloss. How can things go wrong when you still feel pretty stepping in cow poop?
  9. PS – Is there such a thing as a lap bird? Because this also happened….



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