See what I did there? Cattle moo, we’re moving??? I am hilarious.

Anyway, we finally did it – we moved to the ranch!!! All this talk of doing it and writing about packing and how much I hate it has led us to the final result. We are officially ranchers. šŸ™‚

The trip itself was the roughest one yet. We’ve had some crazy times going back in forth, especially right after Christmas when the blizzards hit and almost shut down the highways. But there’s nothing like driving the dually (aka Big Butt Trucks) and a Uhaul through Albuquerque on a Saturday afternoon…where you have to drive 70 in a 65mph or get hit. I grew up in Albuquerque for my teenage and young adult years and, now that I’ve driven our truck through it, remember why I am moving to the country. That was scary! We made it without a problem and headed on home. About 5 hours after that, we were on our caliche road. Caliche is hardened calcium carbonate that acts like rough asphalt. Works great out here!

Did I mention we have chickens now? Yeah, I drove 8 hours from one part of the state to a far corner of New Mexico with 3 chicks as my passenger. They survived and are thriving in the office now but sheesh. Food, water, poop, and the kid…they got a little crazy every now and then, especially on the outskirts of Las Vegas when one tried to literally fly the coop. Luckily, I had a random lightweight summer scarf that kept them contained. I can only imagine the crash that could have happened if it was in Albuquerque. Right now, they’re sleeping by my feet. They really like to peck at my rain boots and follow me around. Soon enough, we will move them outside in an old horse trailer we can convert to a pretty well fortressed coop. Sometime in June or July, they’ll have friends. And by friends I mean guinea keets. Keets is the term used for guinea chicks. Then they turn into guinea fowl. Either way, it’s a game bird that can sound the alarm for predators and apparently will attack snakes. We have both here, so it’s a good thing. At least until they’re sounding alarms at 2am and waking us up.

Speaking of rain boots, it’s been cold and dreary here all week! Literally, I haven’t seen the sun for more than 10 minutes at a time. I joked with my husband that he moved us to Scotland. Fog, drizzle, rain, slush hail, more fog, lots of clouds. But, I get to have warm fires every night and sweaters. Good thing because I have yet to find my summer clothes.

Oh, and the only internet is out in the office. Nothing in the house. No TV, either. We have movies, of course. I think the one who is most affected by the internet is me. I am lame on FB posts! The TV affects my Sprout-addicted daughter for sure. She didn’t understand how we had a TV but no cartoons. She’ll get over it. Or we’ll get wifi in the house and stream it in…just sayin’.





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