The Test Bake Post #1

Lemme tell ya a bit more about that Cake in a Crate thing.

I love desserts. Well, I love making desserts. I can make a dessert and leave it for days. But, there are some things that even I can’t pass up. Like a chocolate tart. Or chocolate ganache (pronounced Guh-nosh; also pronounced Hell Yes). Just sayin’, I have my weaknesses. So when a former opera singer friend of mine decided to become an entrepreneuress of baked goods, I had to help her out. I mean, what kind of person wouldn’t want to help someone out with their visions of gluten free, non-processed, yummy delights? I know.

So, I volunteered my time (and my husband’s waistline) to become a test baker for Cake in a Crate. The idea is that you get plant based, organic, natural ingredients. No pre-processed strangeness with chemicals you can’t pronounce or spell. They come pre-packaged, pre-measured, and instructions are included in a box. You can either make them immediately or save them or be really nice and give them as a gift. No guessing, no investments in hard-to-find ingredients; shake and bake on this.

I recently took on the Chocolate Chip Cake. It has chocolate chips baked into the batter. And chocolate ganache for frosting. When we were asked who would volunteer to try out the recipe, my answer was: Yes. Yes. Yes. Remember, I have no interest in actually getting to the work I need to do…like packing.

I can’t give you the recipe but I will tell you this was stupid easy to make. Not only that, it was amazing! I found all the ingredients at our local Natural Grocers and my house smelled like happiness and comfort.

Cake in a Crate just goes to show that, yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Order one today and use the discount code on the site to save on your first purchase. A word of caution – order earlier than you think you need to compensate for shipping time. Ya know, just in case you decide to eat it and need time to make another.



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