City Slickers Unite!

Just got back from 2 amazing nights of the Las Cruces Country Music Festival and Rodeo. My daughter has decided she can ride faster than the barrel racers. She’s 4, never ridden a horse, but ok. Anything is possible.

Now I’m watching HGTV’s newest show “We Bought the Farm”. Let me tell ya, I’m only a few steps ahead of this guy…they want at least 5 acres but have no clue what 5 acres looks like. Far from the big city but then one house is too far. So yes, but no. Wait, it gets better.

The family is touring the barn and the husband just asked “Where’s the room where you hang everything?” I wish they had shown the realtor’s face when she answered “That’s called the tack room”. 7 minutes in and I’m already obsessed with this show.

In the end, they get 10 acres, most remote location, highest in their budget, a giant barn with multiple stalls, oh, and there’s a horse arena in the back.

The second episode just started and she’s skeet shooting. She wants 15 acres, needs stalls, would build if necessary, and she likes motocross. She at least knows what a hay rack is…I just learned what that thing is that holds the hay.

So what’s the point of all this? If you want to be all philosophical about it, I guess it’s that we all start somewhere. The first episode was where I was about three months ago. I’ve learned a lot (exactly what is to come in another blog post) and I still have loads more to learn. The second episode portrays how much I need to know.

Then again, maybe I really just wanted to tell you about the tack room comment. Even I had to giggle at that one.

Strangely, it reminds me of the time my friend Heidi told me not to try to milk the cows with only one teet.  You think the guy in he first episode knows that?


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