This is Getting Real

We had an amazing going away party. Like amazing. Beautiful people coming to hang out, well wishes, and unexpected gifts. My husband’s favorite gift was a piñata a coworker filled with miniatures of alcohol. The real gift was being able to hang out with sooooo many amazing people we’ve had the honor of knowing from our adventures here in Las Cruces. They make life worthwhile.

The photo down there is of my Lady Wolf Pack. There’s quite a few missing but I can tell ya they are still a part of the pack. I may or may not have been posing (I think we all are) but then I felt bad for the girl next to my butt (I still don’t know why you needed to crouch. LOL). This is about the tamest picture I have and I’m pretty sure no one wants evidence of Whataburger out in public.

Anyway, this moving thing is really happening. We are about 3 weeks out. We have boxes filled. Last full day of work for my husband is Friday. I’m winding down my time at the gym and subbing a few classes because I’m addicted. School is almost over for our little one and even soccer is coming down to the last game for her. It’s almost here!

But in the meantime, there’s so much more to be done. The foundation has yet to be made because our contractor guy has to wait for permits. The cattle have yet to arrive; it’s almost May! There’s the obvious packing and moving but the truck is reserved and I am paying a couple of movers because I/we need the help. Oh, and my mother in law bought Guinea fowl. Nevermind that we don’t know how to raise fowl, but we’ll learn. I bought books to edumacate myself. And I’m singing in Mahler Symphony No. 2 as the Alto Soloist. That’s another blog post. Two posts, actually. Maybe 3 if you count the insane amount of studying.

In my quest to ignore the calm before the storm, I’ve decided to delve into making my own lip scrubs and glosses. Why? Well, shoot, why not? It’s not like there’s ANYTHING else happening. So far, the scrubs are yummy and easy to make. The biggest expense is the actual glass jar. And the gloss is nice. Peppermint makes my lips all tingly and stuff. Plus, when I’m not wearing my LipSense, it’s a great moisturizer. I even tried a little honey bodywash. That was soothing. So much going on. Why not dabble in making my own health and beauty products?!


Lady Wolf Pack