Super Stars!

This is a shout out to all my friends who are in business for themselves. Between kids, games, school, life, these ladies are taking the world by storm because they are passionate, empowering, and inspiring. You rock! Here are their sites and info on what they sell. Go ahead, peruse, love, shop, and tell them I sent ya.


Thirty-One Gifts: Amanda Tuthill. Basically, the best bags for every day and every situation. I have a canvas tote for the summer, a huge tote for storage (perfect for pool days, carrying props, extra toys, etc), a few smaller ones for my daughter to store her crayons and Shopkins in one place, and my favorite: the gym bag that is monogrammed with my last name on it. I LOVE THIRTY ONE!!!!

doTerra Essential Oils: Becky Hernandez. How many times have you wished for something that would help you sleep? Lavender. Or help your body naturally combat seasonal allergies? TriEase softgels. Maybe you just need a little pick me up? Wild Orange. Whatever your issue, there’s an oil for that!

Rodan + Fields: Laura Justus. Remember when we all used Proactiv in our teens and early 20’s? Well, some of us still have acne and some of us now are wishing we didn’t sit in the sun so much in our youth. I may or may not be talking about me, but I do know the Unblemish regimen is part of my routine. Sunspots, wrinkles, dark circles, acne….R+F can help you with all of it!

LipSense: Me! Lemme tell ya, I love having lip color. My face just looks happier. I’ve been blessed with Resting Witch Face – replace that W with a B. Lip color just enhances my happiness and tends to make me look less like a mean girl. Or tired mom. Or both. I’m a huge fan of the reds and nudes but can help you find the color of your dreams. Kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof wear for 4-12 hours. A girl can’t have enough lipstick. Or shoes.

Cake in a Crate: Andy and Asha. You love dessert. But you’re gluten sensitive. Or vegan. Or just like good food. Or you just don’t like the boxed stuff. Whatever your drive, you’ve GOT to try their kits! All the ingredients are pre-measured, directions are included, and the whole shebang is delivered to your door. Lucky you, I’m a test baker, so don’t be surprised if you see something amazingly delicious on here. Make it for a special occasion or just because. Order early so you don’t miss out!

AJ Photography: Amanda Jaramillo. Let’s talk about how Amanda did our first family photo shoot! My kid was 4. Don’t judge. And let’s talk about how AMAZEBALLS she is at taking photos that make me smile every time! If you’re in the Las Cruces area, do not miss out on getting a shoot in with Amanda. She’s busy but extremely well priced and the bomb dot com in my book.

Younique: *UPDATE* Michelle is online – woo hoo!!! Find her page here and get your lash on!

This is where I get those 3D lashes. I have two “lash ladies” but neither of them have an active site! GRRRR!!! So how do we fix that? Well, if you know Maria M. or Michelle P., get a hold of them and order. Or just message me and we can talk.

Grant’s Cause: So, I have another amazing friend, Kalyn, who has an amazing military family of 3 boys and her husband who works hard to protect us all (Thanks, Stephen!). Her youngest, Grant, is the cutest, sweetest little guy in the world!!! He also happens to have Spina Bifida. If you don’t know what that is, you need to check out his site. Kalyn raises awareness every year with a 5K in her hometown of Missouri and those of us who can’t join in person can run a virtual race. Sign up, learn more, or donate here:

AdvoCare: Ok, this is me again. Lemme explain. 3 years ago I signed up for my first half marathon. I was edging up on 200lbs and had no focus. I used products from this company to help me lose weight, gain energy, and just kinda give myself a health makeover. 3 Half Marathons, a career as a fitness instructor, and a Super Sprint Triathlon later, I still use Spark and Rehydrate regularly. Check it out if you need the same kind of jumpstart.


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