And the moving…ugh

Gosh, there’s a lot to figure out when you move from a city to the ranch. Moving itself is a beast. We’ve been in our current city and home for 6 years. Do you know how much crap you collect in 6 years? A lot. Like, a lot, a lot. As in “Why the hell did I need 6 bread pans?” A lot.

I decided to start cleaning it out. One room, once a week. If we didn’t wear it, use it, open it, touch it, enjoy it, eat it…it’s gone. Recycle and donate what you can (because I am a city girl and that’s what we do to feel OK with our urban sprawl) and throw out the rest. And still…SO.MUCH.CRAP. Even if you’re not moving, I encourage you to do the same at least once a year. And try to keep one drawer empty in every room. I don’t know why, but that motivates me to not collect more crap in the future. It’s like that empty space says “See? You’re not a hoarder! Go you!”

But, the good news is that the house will be rented out as an investment property to an amazing family we know, the schools in our new town are great, and our friends are here and there and we are on our way.

Meanwhile, I had to let my gym peeps/members know about the move. I’m not ready to leave them yet. They made this journey of mine so amazing, how do you say goodbye to your inspiration? And my friends. Oh, the friends I’ve made down here are some of the most amazing people you’d ever hope to meet. Our kids are close, we are close, I just love them. It’s times like these I’m glad I asked for internet because there is always FB Messenger.

We will be going up next week to get things prepared for my mother in law’s new homesite. She doesn’t want to live in her home anymore…too many memories to haunt her. So, we are closing on a GORGEOUS manufactured home for her and will have a few great friends and family help us get the foundation and everything set up for her move 1/2 mile away. Then, in about 2 months, we will join her just in time to see the cattle come on (we are leasing the land this year and the heifers are still calving – in late March!), get her house put together, and start the adventure of a lifetime.

Pictures to come!!!